"I tried your laundry soap for the first time last week and since then I've done about 10 loads.  I have to say I LOVE IT!  I was skeptical at first because I've been using liquid detergent for a number of years.  In the past when I've used a powder it didn't always dissolve and left white marks on my clothes.  Not your detergent!  I used it in hot and cold water washes and it dissolved perfectly - no residue.  I'm shocked at how little you need to wash a load, even a really dirty load, but it works.  It removed motor oil, grass and dirt stains, plus perspiration odor.  Between my boyfriend's spills, my dog's doggie smells and my delicates, it worked perfectly - everything comes out super clean! I would highly recommend anyone give this soap a try.  It's extremely affordable and lasts a long time because you only need to use a small amount.  Oh, and it smells wonderful!  Now, if only your soap would help the laundry to fold itself..."   
 - M. Cole
"I can't say enough! First, I love the environmental and health benefits of the products that you sell. I have had issues with Fabric Softeners and fragrance for years, and the Dryer Balls solved that and more! The impact of your Free Laundry Events on our community is incredible, and I've been sharing with everyone I know. And finally, FREE delivery and the customer service are just amazing benefits. Thank YOU for being in business!"
- Kirsten R
"I recently bought your laundry soap. Washed my baby's clothes and my clothes in the same batch!! Usually I separate to have less chemicals for her things. BOTH our laundry was clean, smelled wonderful and your community service is the icing on top! Thank you For the LOVE of Laundry!"
- Nicolle W
"I have been using For the Love of Laundry products for over a year and absolutely love them. The laundry soap smells fantastic and I love that it is all natural. The dryer balls are my absolute favorite. I like being able to purchase non toxic products a low price, but most of all I love supporting local organizations that give back to the community. For the Love of Laundry provides an amazing service to those in need in our city. Keep up the great work!"
- Kasey W
"Laundry has always been my favourite household chore - but anyone would enjoy doing laundry with these sweet dryer balls . They are quiet, cut-down drying time, save energy and are ridiculously cute! They earned my recommendation because they make fabulous products and they earned me as a customer for life because they give back to the community. This company has heart (just check out their dryer balls!)"
- Lynley R