About Us

“I was a single mom working very hard to support myself and my son”, she remembers. “Now that I’m married and raising three children, I don’t have to make that choice anymore, but I haven’t forgotten what it feels like”.

As an avid community volunteer who was determined that others shouldn’t have to consider doing laundry a luxury, Melissa decided to start selling her laundry soap, and use the money to host free laundry events for families and individuals in need. August of 2014, was the first free laundry event held in London, ON at PJ’s Laundromat.

The rest, as they say, is history.

To date, For The Love Of Laundry has hosted 19 laundry events that have helped 819 people and resulted in  3756 free loads of laundry. For The Love of Laundry has saved families over $15,000.00 in laundry services.